Red Blush 2002 sorrel-

Blushing Bug x Bouncys Doctor Sis

*Bred to Laico Ladieman for 2019 

Thankful we were able to get this mare back after selling. Broodmare sound now she had been a nice barrel horse but excelled as head horse.  Her dam  was a 3/4 sister to Nicky Brick House

​​Dancing Rio Style  2003 sorrel-

Rios First Flit Bar x Dancing On The Farm  

*In Foal to Laico Ladiesman for 2019

 injured as yearling ,  we competed on sire and dam , both top barrel horses, Rio (sire) also good head horse. Proven producer , dam of  these 1-D horses  :

 Just Let Her Dance, Laico Dancin Man, Laicosharpdressedman  Fort Smith Futurity Finalist  

Browns Smarty Girl  2004 bay-

Bouncy Brown Cadilac x Mini Go Rocket

*Open for 2019 

tough barrel mare , her dam was maternal sister to Sadie Go Seekum , first foal just 2 yrs

Saucey Flit  2007 sorrel-

Designer Red x Beggin For A Turn

Bred to Laico Ladiesman for 2019

really excited about this big mare bred by Barbara Burns of Texas, 

 Dottie Do Rite 2003 sorrel

Rios First Flit Bar x Bouncy Doctor Sis

* Bred to Laico Ladiesman for 2019 

used for barrels and roping ,  had her first foal in 2015 may keep her in broodmare band, her dam was 3/4 sister to Nicky Brick House

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In order to keep our foal crop where we can handle and work with our foals on a regular basis  we do not rebreed all our mares every season, it just depends on mare.

Moms Last Dance 2008 sorrel

​Bouncy Brown Cadilac X Dancing On The Farm

​open for 2019 

nice barrel mare , breeding now ,last foal of my good open /rodeo mare Dancing On The Farm, full sister to Hook An Duck and half sister to Dancing Rio Style

 Bouncys China Doll  1996 sorrel-

Bouncy Mac 3 x Docs Choclate Doll

*** In Foal to Laico Ladiesman for 2019​​​


Gritty survivor 40 lbs at birth , a premature foal this mare became a never say quit competitor, earning money in barrels at open, IPRA and WPRA rodeos 

Open for 2018

The following mares had been in our mare band giving us with many beautiful foals and memories

          Babys Blue Jeans 1988 sorrel Six Fols x Lady Bugs Martha*** Deceased Feburary 14  2011

Bouncys Tornado 1992 sorrel- Bouncy Mac 3 x Tara Tornado*** sold

Mighty Mickie 1992 dun- Dry Bar Poncho x Micks Trick*** sold

Streakin Color 1991- chestnut Streak Laico Bird x Color Burst*** sold

Jettin Katelyn 1998 grey- Mr Eye Opener x Fols Arrive *** sold

Real Bug Juice 1998 sorrel- Blushing Bug x LHT Real Fas *** sold

Bouncys Doctor Sis 1996 sorrel- Bouncy Mac 3 x Pass Em Nicky ** Deceased

Dancing On The Farm1990 sorrel- Hawaii Dancer x Poorfarmcharm **Deceased

Biscuit Jet Motion 1996 sorrel- Win Motion x Sans Jet Gal *** sold                                                                                                               
Bouncy Miss Folly 1993 sorrel- Bouncy Mac 3 x Little Dumplins ** Deceased

Hey Im Elected  1995 bay - If Im Elected x Hey Madonna ** Deceased  

Hustling For Theline 1999 bay - Brick House Bouncy  x Tiger Flit Bar ** Deceased


 Dunit In A Cadillac  2006 buckskin-

Bouncy Brown Cadilac x Mighty Mickie

*** In Foal to Laico Ladiesman for 2019  ​ 

injured as a yearling , her first foal is barrel futurity money earner,  Dam of Laico Cadillac Lady  , Duinit Laico Lady 

​Open for 2018

Ivorybubbles 2011 palomino 

KY Finest Firewater X Lady Poco Rip  

​bred to Laico Ladiesman for 2019

borrwed this mare from friend , excited to see the result ! She is registered palomino but more of dunalino , has dorsal stripe 


  ** Bouncy Blue Roan Gal 1997 blue roan -

Bouncy Mac  3 X Miss Tris

 Rick raised and sold this mare as a 2 year old, full sister to his good rope horse "Gal"

Bred to Laico Ladiesman for 2019

Open for 2018 

RRSizzlesmasterpiece       2007 sorrel 

 Perks Master x Sizzlin Sixfire

** Bred to Laico Ladiesman for 2019

from Kay Young's breeding program , we are lucky to have this pretty mare who was injured as a 2 yr old. Already a proven producer with her first foal,

Laicos Baby Kay